Ossetian beer

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Cooking method.

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        The crushed malt or barley cereals, fry in a pan until dark brown. (Do not forget to stir while frying).
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        Pour water into the container (large pot with capacity of 10 l. Of water), bring to a boil and pour roasted malt (pearl barley). Cook 1 hour on high heat so that the water is actively boiling, stirring occasionally.
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        Then strain the liquid and then set on fire.

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        Add the sugar and stir.
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        Then pour hops and boil until the liquid evaporation in the tank at 2-3cm. (About 3-4 hours so the thin film should appear on the surface).
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        After that, remove from heat and add the stale bread of rye. . We are waiting for complete cooling.
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        After cooling, the liquid cast 0.5 liters. in a separate container, heated to (20-25 degrees) and it breed Brewer’s yeast. Fill in the main tank, stirring occasionally.
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        Cover and let stand for hours in a warm place for fermentation.


The beer shold be cocked wirthout taste of water (it should be cooked very slowly, about 4 hours). It should become dark brown. We recommend left it for fermentation one 24 hours – this is the minimum, but you can leave it for 2 days.

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