Porridge Dzykka

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Cooking method.

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    Sour cream to put in a pot (usually it is the pot or cauldron), and cook, stirring constantly over medium heat.
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    After boiling, in small portions to fill the flour, stirring well to avoid lumps. So as to add salt.
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    Cook over medium heat (do not stir unceasingly), until then, until it stops sticking to the walls of the pot (pots) and do not allocate enough melted butter.
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    Stir and cook.
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    Stir and cook, must begin to stand out butter.
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    It should allocate a sufficient amount of melted butter (see photo). Dzykka  is ready, if it is easy to behind the walls of pots and spoons.


While coking always mix with a spoon. the dish is usually served hot with bread slises, but it`s also good when it cold. Dzikka is very tasty, but very fat.

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